Community thanks retired Police Chief Gott

Community thanks retired Police Chief Gott

The community was out in full force last week to show its appreciation to Retired Police Chief John Gott.

The DeRidder Police Department (DPD) threw a retirement party for Gott at the Impromptu Theater. The theatre was packed full of community officials and citizens ready to thank Gott and his family for his years of service.

Gott and his family stood in the doorway and personally thanked each guest that arrived.

Gumbo was served along with a plethora of sweet treats.

Gott has served as Chief of Police for the DeRidder Police Department since April of 2009.

The successes and accomplishments of the DeRidder Police Department under Gott’s tenure reshaped the DeRidder Police Department into the community-minded crime-stopping department it is today.

This notion was echoed by the sheer amount of citizens who came out to the retirement party to thank the retired chief—with each seat in the house being filled and still more standing on the sides and in the lobby.

During his time as Chief of Police, Gott implemented a new standard of operating procedures for the department and worked to increase public relations awareness in the community.

He fostered partnerships with community organizations to humanize his police department in a way where they would not only protect the community but give back as well.

These partnerships included Hope Village, Grace Church and God’s Food Box in efforts to supply food and clothing for families in need.

The DPD worked with the Jolly Ole Santa Haulers and other private organizations, business and individuals for the annual DPD Toy Drive, which successfully provided toys to children in the area during Christmas time.

Gott was instrumental in implementing and updating community policing programs like D.A.R.E., school resource officers, family and elderly services and animal control.

Under Chief Gott, the DeRidder Police Department was awarded the non-profit organization of the year by the Greater Beauregard Parish Chamber of Commerce for 2017.

Most notably, in 2018 the City of DeRidder was recognized as the safest city in Louisiana.

“I want to especially thank the police department, the city of DeRidder and all of those countless wonderful people who have helped me succeed in his career. I loved my job and I am so proud of the police department,” Gott said.