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Vision for the Future
To Build and Maintain Strong Community Relations Through:
  • On-going self-evaluation and improvement
  • Complete transparency in all departmental matters
To cultivate professional leadership on every level by providing the best training and education. Professionally trained deputies will:
  • Be given the responsibility to do their jobs
  • Be given the authority to make decisions
  • Be held to the highest standards of
To maximize the efficiency of taxpayer resources both internally and externally:
  • By re-evaluating our work methods
    and time management  to ensure
    maximum results
  • By utilizing current resources for inmate
    housing. The DeQuincy prison can be
    used for safe housing. Renovations can be
    funded with existing tax dollars
  • By combining investigative divisions within the parish to work as one unit in effectively combatting crime
  • By combining communication services within the parish to enhance and expedite the dispatching of all first responders
To ensure the fair and efficient use of tax dollars throughout the parish:
  • By monitoring business development
    and by upgrading all related technology and methodology

“True success for a department is measured through the quality of life
provided for our citizens. The building of trust and relationships is often more important than arrests or citations. Officers should focus on facilitating
solutions that promote the common good and welfare of all our citizenry.”

– John L. Gott